Gear up your drive with these must-have car tools

Special Feature  | Updated: January 31, 2018, 07:51 PM IST

How often have we focused on the safety factor while choosing a car? The number of airbags, seat belts, sensors etc. While having these facets is a good thing, there are a few other items which might do some good in an emergency. Whether it's treating that creaking noise from the inside of your car to extinguishing a fire in the time of an emergency, these tools are all must-haves.

A wheel spanner and a jack are a must-have in cases of a flat tire Even though you might store it in the boot, it should be kept handy. Have a multi-tool which works as both a hammer and a torch, and don't forget to carry along a glow in the dark vest, and a fire extinguisher. A toying harness always helps in case of an engine failure or breakdown.

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