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Team OD  | Updated: June 01, 2015, 01:24 AM IST

I am planning to purchase a new bike and ready to spend upto Rs 2 lakh. The bikes shortlisted are the new and yet to be released Bajaj CS400 or SS400. When will these Pulsars go on sale? I have gone through the image gallery on and have fallen in love with them.

Vasanth Kumar


The big Pulsars are being awaited eagerly and should roll out soon. The SS400 will go up against a lot of full-faired motorcycles available today and will be one of the most affordable sub 400c motorcycles available in the country. To us, the CS400 is a more interesting motorcycle. It will be a fast yet less committed motorcycle that makes it very unique. We suggest you hold on to your money and wait for the bikes.


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