Helpdesk: Which mid-size sedan to buy?

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05 May 2016 16:23:54 IST

Q: I am interested in buying a sedan and don't mind waiting till next year. Can you tell me if the Vios from Toyota is making it to India. If so, by when?

Anand Kundarg

Toyota Vios (8)

OD: We do hope Toyota brings the Vios to India. It is a popular car in south-east Asia and it makes sense to get it here. We have no confirmation yet from Toyota, but expect to see the car sometime this year. We've also driven the car in Malaysia.

Q: I want a car with the most comfortable low speed ride below Rs 20 lakh. Although I am inclined towards a Hyundai or the Fluence, I am not sure whether there is a major difference in ride quality between the Hyundai sedans. Is there a soft-roader that can manage a better low speed ride?

Rugved Raje


OD: Both the Fluence and Elantra offer a good ride especially at the rear, you can also consider the Toyota Corolla. There are no soft-roaders that offer a ride that's as good as these similarly priced sedans.

Q: I want to switch from my Hyundai i10 automatic to a larger car. My budget is between Rs 10 and 11 lakh. I have shortlisted the Volkswagen Vento TSI, Hyundai Verna automatic and the Honda City automatic. Which car should I choose? My primary requirements are low maintenance, good fuel economy and higher resale value. I usually sell my car after three years.

Chanpreet Singh

2015 Volkswagen Vento

OD: The Volkswagen Vento TSI is the quickest of the lot and offers the more modern DSG unit. It's also the better car when it comes to dynamics. The Honda, however, offers a lot more comfort features, better efficiency and more cabin as well as boot space. Maintenance costs are similar but the City won't depreciate as much as the Vento. The Verna has been around for quite a while and will soon be replaced by an all-new model.

Q: I am looking to buy a sedan. The Ciaz and Verna are my favourites but I am inclined more towards the Maruti since it offers better value and hassle free ownership. The Ciaz petrol, however, is known to be underpowered and Maruti hasn't been very successful in this segment. Should I still go ahead with the purchase without a drastic compromise in terms of performance?


Honda City - width=

OD: The Ciaz currently offers the best value in the segment. However, as you said, the 1.4 petrol motor does feel underpowered especially when compared to its rivals. The diesel, in fact, offers better performance. The Honda City is still our choice- the car is slightly more expensive than the Ciaz but offers better performance, driveability and comfort.

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