Independence quattro Drive 2019: Michelin Moments

Team OD  | Updated: September 05, 2019, 09:20 PM IST

Over the years, the roads in Ladakh have consistently improved to the point where now nearly 80 per cent of the roads are superbly paved. These are some of the fastest roads in all of India, and the landscapes they wind through are just magnificent. However, there still remains that 20 per cent in question and these range from bad to nightmare.

Through these conditions you need a tyre you can depend on, not to get punctured because there is nothing more exhausting than changing a tyre at this altitude, and to give you the traction and comfort that is so vital in this region. This year, Michelin provided us with the Primacy 3 ST, a tyre that boasts of superior reliability, performance, ride comfort and low noise. And the tyres kept their word, unfailingly delivering us into the deepest regions of Ladakh and back with little effort and complaining!

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