Know how to change your car tyre all by yourself

Special Feature  | Published: February 01, 2018, 06:00 PM IST

Road trips are amazing. It gets the family together, helps you create memories and in the process you even make lasting friendships. But having a comfortable vehicle to drive in is not all there is to being safe on your trip. There's more, your tyres are your lifeline, and it is what will keep you from getting stuck on a lonely highway or a dark off-road route.

Always have these tools tucked in your car and ensure they don't move. Whenever you fill air in your car tyres, ensure that you have a spare tyre which is checked and ready, because you don't want to end up with a flat tyre and a spare one with no air in it. Lock the tyres and keep the car in gear before you address the punctured wheel. Put up a warning triangle and wear a glow in the dark safety vest to warn oncoming traffic of a car in distress. Using a jack, lift the car and for safety roll the spare tyre under the vehicle. After you have removed the damaged tyre, use a wheel spanner to tighten the bolts in sequence tightening the bolts in sequence. Once the bolts are tight, lower the jack and continue to tighten all the bolts until they are secure.

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