Product review: Rynox Nomad v2 Saddlebags

Alan D'Cruz  | Published: March 16, 2014, 09:30 AM IST

The Nomad v2 Saddlebags from Rynox is a semi hard shell set of saddlebags designed to fit on motorcycles with both straight and upswept exhausts and can be easily adjusted to fit almost any motorcycle. They're made from EVA laminated, industrial polyester that also has a PU coating. All zippers are heavy-duty YKK  that are more or less an industry standard now. There are two sturdy velcro strips that join the two individual pods together and this adjustability allows the saddle bags the ability to fit a motorcycle of any width. Each pod has a zippered expansion and offers 32 litres of stowage when expanded so there's quite a fair bit of space on offer. They also have a handy pocket on the outer side to keep things that are needed frequently like a map for example. We were quite pleased with its performance on a long ride. The Rynox bags easily swallowed up all the kit, without the need to use the zippered expansion. They mounted easily on our long term CB Trigger though I did find it a bit fiddly to work with the additional support straps. They clip on with a hook type fastner and are hard to adjust. I'm told that this gripe has already been fixed and Rynox have done away with the hook clasps. The bags now come equipped with a double d-ring that are easier to adjust.

Rynox-gearThe Nomad is designed for the KTM Duke but works with multiple bikes

Out on the road the bags sit quite securely and don't move around too much, unless you go through a large pothole or speed bump too fast. And even then a simple tug can get them back in place while still on the move. It's also possible to reverse the direction of the saddle bags and this frees up the rear foot pegs allowing you to carry a pillion as well. The saddle bags retail for Rs 4350 and we recommend you include the optional rain cover that adds just Rs 200 to the sticker price. It's a small amount to pay for dry clothes at the end of a long ride.


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