Product review: Shiro SH-600 Brno helmet

Akshay Jadhav  | Updated: October 03, 2017, 04:17 PM IST

The new Shiro helmet is sold in the market by Vega India, and aimed at those who are looking for a decent helmet, on a budget. At first glance, the helmet looks attractive, with its bold colours and graphics. As far as visibility is concerned, it's quite hard to miss the Shiro.
As soon as I wore the helmet, the first thing that struck me was its weight. I understand that companies can't use expensive, lightweight materials in budget helmets, but I do wish there was a way around it. While I didn't mind the weight on short city rides, the helmet was a pain in the neck, quite literally, on all-day long highway rides.

Another issue I faced is the inadequate ventilation. This, again, adds to the discomfort, which affects my riding experience. The fit is decent for a helmet of its price, but a gripe that I had was that the cheek pads press against my ears so tightly that it barely leaves any room for my spectacle's temples to fit. It's only after a lot of pushing and shoving that I manage to wedge them in. I have used other helmets before, and I haven't faced such an issue. Maybe Shiro could work on the shape of their cheek pads to accommodate spectacles more easily.

The visor is optically correct and vision through it is pretty good. I also like the tight, rubber seal between the visor and helmet. As a result, no rainwater enters the helmet and hits your face, which is a boon while riding in Mumbai's torrential rains.
Overall, the Shiro SH-600 is a good buy for someone who is on a tight budget or one who is looking for a helmet for city rides.

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