Product review: TomTom Start 25

Alan D'Cruz  | Updated: March 21, 2014, 02:23 PM IST

The Start 25 is one of two GPS available in India in the entry level Start series from TomTom. It's quite a compact device and the front face is dominated completely by the large 5-inch touch display. On the back of the device lie the on/off switch and a micro USB port for charging and linking to a computer to download additional maps and software updates. It comes loaded with 7,300 cities and towns, so getting lost should be quite a task. It also 'speaks' 12 regional languages in addition to the regular Hindi and English'.


You can also personalise the maps with your own icons and names for the places that you frequently visit which is quite handy for a team like ours. For It's easy to save new shoot locations and good riding roads when we find them for the rest of the team to use in the future. It was super easy to mount too and we've come to find that the TomTom mounting system is one of the most secure and easy to use as compared to any of the other GPS devices we've used in the past. Selecting and navigating to a destination is intuitive and quite simple and you can save locations like 'office' or 'hotel' – so you can navigate back easily once your done exploring. It retails for Rs 10,999 and that is pretty good value for a quality product that will bring you back home.

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