Product review: ViaTerra Claw

Shubhabrata Marmar  | Updated: July 22, 2014, 12:32 PM IST

This isn't the first time we have used this piece of luggage and we are rather impressed with the quality, design and utility of this bag. Our two units - which Alan and Halley used - are actually first generation prototypes but they work really well on a range of bikes.

ViaTerra Claw

They proved spacious enough to swallow six days worth of clothes, camera equipment, some of my shopping and Halley's one-piece leathers without fuss. Mounting couldn't be simpler. You simply use the straps and double D-rings to cinch the bag down tight over the rear seat and you're set. The deeper sides of the bag do touch bodywork so we used masking tape to protect the paint from any rubbing damage. After which, the bag stayed put through bad roads and jumped speed breaker alike. Very impressive and well worth the money., Rs 2,900

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