Spec comparo: Yamaha Saluto vs Honda CB Shine vs TVS Phoenix vs Bajaj Discover 125M vs Hero Glamour

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18 Apr 2015 18:57:49 IST

Yamaha's latest offering in the Indian market, the Saluto, has the 125cc competition in its crosshairs. The new motorcycle sports a 125cc engine that produces8.3PS and 10.1Nm. A constant mesh, four speed transmission is employed.The Yamaha Saluto is targetted at customers who are looking for a fuel-efficient and stylish motorcycle.

Yamaha has developed a completely new chassis for the Saluto. The diamond frame chassis, Yamaha says, offers good stability and handling. The new, Blue Core 125cc engine uses the engine base of the FZ Version 2.0. The company says that they did so since the FZ's Blue Core engine is a proven design and hence a reliable foundation to begin with. Yamaha says that the durability is a key aspect of the engine.


The company claims a fuel efficiency of 78kmpl from the Saluto. This is achieved with the help of the Blue Core technology as well as the weight reduction techniques that were employed. At 112 kg (wet) , the motorcycle is the lightest in its class.The Yamaha Saluto motorcycle also comes with an innovative front fender design that channels air towards the engine and aids in its cooling.
Compared to the Yamaha YBR125, the Saluto's handlebar position is raised by 20mm and brought forward by 11mm. The footpegs are lower by 4mm and brought forward by 20mm. The Yamaha Saluto has a ground clearance of 180mm to tackle the variety of terrain in the country.

The motorcycle is shod with tubeless tyres and 130mm drum brakes, both at the front and the rear. The Yamaha Saluto come with an electric as well as kick start.

The competition is well equipped and only time will tell how the new Yamaha will fare against competition. The Hero Glamour is not a real hot seller. The Honda CB Shine is next and comes with the brand recall that Honda enjoys in India. The TVS Phoenix is the most well kitted here. It comes with a full digital instrument cluster and segment first hazard lights. The Discover 125M from Bajaj is another formidable competitor. The engine, at 11.5PS produces the most power in the segment.

Here is the specifications comparo.

Yamaha Saluto Spec Comparo

Specifications Yamaha Saluto
Engine capacity (cc) 125
Power in PS 8.3
Torque in Nm 10.1
Weight in kg 112
Gears 4
Power to weight ratio 74.1PS/tonne
0-60kmph NA
Fuel efficiency (claimed) 78kmpl
Top speed NA
Dimensions in mm 2035x700x1080
Ground clearance 180mm
Price, ex-Delhi Rs. 52,000
Specifications Honda CB Shine
Engine capacity (cc) 124.7cc
Power in PS 10.7
Torque in Nm 10.54
Weight in kg 118
Gears 4
Power to weight ratio 90.67Ps/tonne
0-60kmph 5.8
Fuel efficiency (claimed) 65kmpl
Top speed 93 (claimed)
Dimensions in mm 2014x762x1071
Ground clearance 157mm
Price, ex-Delhi Rs. 55,524
Specifications Hero Glamour
Engine capacity (cc) 124.7
Power in PS 9.1
Torque in Nm 10.35
Weight in kg 129
Gears 4
Power to weight ratio 70.54PS/tonne
0-60kmph 7.4
Fuel efficiency (claimed) 81kmpl
Top speed 98.7
Dimensions in mm 2005x735x1070
Ground clearance 150mm
Price, ex-Delhi Rs. 55,925
Specifications Bajaj Discover 125M
Engine capacity (cc) 125cc
Power in PS 11.5
Torque in Nm 10.8
Weight in kg 117
Gears 4
Power to weight ratio 98.29PS/tonne
0-60kmph 7.3
Fuel efficiency (claimed) 76kmpl
Top speed 94.8
Dimensions in mm 1986x678x1044
Ground clearance 165mm
Price, ex-Delhi 51,274
Specifications TVS Phoenix 125
Engine capacity (cc) 125
Power in PS 11
Torque in Nm 10.8
Weight in kg 114
Gears 4
Power to weight ratio 96.49PS/tonne
0-60kmph 6.8
Fuel efficiency (claimed) 67kmpl
Top speed 95.7
Dimensions in mm 1985x740x1065
Ground clearance 165mm
Price, ex-Delhi Rs. 51,160

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