Triumph Street Triple long term review: Introduction

Shubhabrata Marmar  /
05 May 2015 16:43:04 IST

If you read my column in the issue last month, you know I went out and somehow scraped together enough money to pay the down-payment on my new Street Triple, Ferine. I've managed to credit card my way to an impressive add-on parts bill but we shall discuss that next time around.

Ferine and I went to the latest edition of our TWO Track School by Indimotard at Kari Motor Speedway near Coimbatore. The Street Triple, in stock 79PS form, turns out to be everything I hoped for. It's fast, agile and responsive and while I'll detail it out later, she's great on the track too.

But I've already got stuff that needs to be made better or made to fit me better. The worst are the mirrors. They're entirely useless and must go. They don't stay in place, you constantly have to adjust them, they use a silly hex bolt to mount with a handful of easy to lose washers and I was shocked that I had to tighten them along the way.

Next up is the seat. After the same distance, my KTM's seat became a solid10 hour seat. The Triumph seat works for about four hours after which there are aches and pains. Not sure what the fix is yet.

Triumph Street Triple Shumi

Finally there's the gearing and throttle. I find the gearing a bit too tall for my liking. 200kmph is nice but not necessary. I'm thinking of replacing the front sprocket with a Daytona unit for lower overall gearing. Second is a quicker throttle. On the far side of Kari, I found the throttle too long in travel to redline on the short straights which is unsatisfying. So the hunt for a quicker throttle is on.

For those who're asking about the performance upgrade to full power - I'm thinking of keeping the bike as is for now. Enough money has been consumed up to this point.

Total mileage: 4724km
Date acquired: Apr 15
Fuel : 211 litres
Efficiency: 20.20kmpl
Costs: Rs 2,000 Stompgrip pads - Performance Racing Store,Rs 5,051 oil change at 400km, Rs 5,051 first service at 712km, Rs 10,000 JCMoto crash protection kit, Rs 8,586 Triumph case sliders

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