TVS Jupiter long term review: After 16 months and 14,208kms

Makrand Baokar  /
24 Apr 2015 14:30:36 IST

The TVS Jupiter was a very strong contender for this year's Scooter Of The Year at the 2015 CNBC-TV18 OVERDRIVE awards and for good reason. The Jupiter isn't all new and is based on the TVS Wego, but the engineers have managed to make the engine more refined, and this difference is apparent. So apparent that I'm almost always riding with the throttle (fairly) wide open because the engine never complains. This month I tried to ride within the throttle range of the green Econometer light to see if it made any difference in fuel efficiency.

TVS Jupiter

Last month I clocked about 38kmpl with my usual riding style. With my new exercise in restraint this month that figure moved up to 40, which to be frank isn't the significant increase I was hoping for. This could mean one of two things - the more unlikely deduction is that my riding style was always this efficient. The other is that the Jupiter is tuned quite well to deliver high fuel efficiency. I happen to think it's the latter and it's quite a comforting thought that riding faster doesn't result in a drastic drop in efficiency. In any case, any figure around 40kmpl is quite good for an automatic scooter in a city like Mumbai and the Jupiter scores high on that front. Other small things that I liked about the Jupiter were, of course, the exterior placement of the fuel filler cap, the generous under-seat storage, the incorporation of a pass light switch and the soft seat. A lot of thought has gone into the making of this scooter and I've quite enjoyed the fruits of it.

Total mileage: 14,208km, date acquired: Dec 13, This month mileage: 858km, fuel: 21.45 litres, efficiency: 40.0kmpl

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