Why you should clean your car wipers regularly

Special Feature  | Published: February 04, 2018, 06:00 PM IST

We may not hear about it in conversations, but it's the first thing we do when we're driving and it begins to rain. Yes, the wipers are indeed the one of the many unsung heroes of all automotive inventions. Though a simple device, it is an apparatus on your car that tends to attract an enormous amount of dirt and dust. This part of your car must be attended to, and if not looked after properly, the dust and dirt can damage the blade, the arm and in severe cases even the whole wiper.

Clean the wiper and blade with a soft cloth. If you park the car in the sun, ensure that you lift the blade off the windscreen as the heat produced by the glass can damage the rubber layer that covers the wiper. Check if the wiper arm is securely fastened to the wiper blade, ensure that it flexes easily. Ensure that you replace the wiper after summer and before the monsoon season.

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