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Five tips for great automotive photography

Team OD  /
23 May 2015 12:40:10 IST

Mercedes CLA vs Audi A3 (9)

1. Remember, it doesn't matter what camera you use-correct perspective, right lighting and a distraction free background areessential.

Mercedes CLA vs Audi A3 (18)

2. Use the panning technique to bring a sense of speed while shooting moving cars/bikes-a blurred background and sharp car bring dynamism to the picture. The shutter speed should be slow (1/125 seconds or below). Hence, a steady hand and smooth panning are necessary to get thatperfect pan shot.

3. Your location is just as important as the car's - shooting a car from within another can bring a sense of motion to the picture. This technique is called tracking. A smooth road and a steady hand are required here too. A wide angle lens is preferred.

4. It's all about timing. Shooting in the twilight zone could get you fantastic results, although two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset are ideal. An overcast sky allow soft light but you'd want to avoiddark rain clouds.

5. Using a polarising filter can eliminate unwanted reflections. Polarising filter can give you saturated colours.

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