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Ford and GM shake hands over 9- and 10-speed transmissions

Team OD  /
09 May 2013 16:13:01 IST

We last head about the 9-speed auto transmission from Range Rover for the Evoque. Now seems like ex-boss Ford is set to up the ante. Ford and GM have announced that they are jointly developing nine and 10-speed transmissions. In a brief statement, both the companies said that they will be designing these transmissions for use in front- and rear-wheel driven cars, SUVs, crossovers and trucks. While both the manufacturers will jointly develop the transmissions, each will make their own units at their respective factories.

A piece of trivia! This isn't the first time that these arch rivals have collaborated. The six-speed transmission that the current Chevy Cruze employs has been developed by Ford-GM. Then there are other cars like the Equinox, Fusion and Edge which use these transmissions.

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