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GM teases new Niva SUV set for Moscow Auto Show

Team OD  | Updated: August 14, 2014, 02:15 PM IST

General Motors now owns Autovaz, which makes the Lava Niva SUV that, despite its origins has a reputation for being spartan and rugged. Now, the GM-Autovaz have released this teaser image of a really butch looking SUV that is set to replace the slightly awkward looking current Niva. The current Niva - designed by Bertone - is based on the classic Niva's frame, suspension and mechanicals. The new car will hit the lights at the Moscow Auto Show shortly and is supposed to be a design study that will lead to it being shown in 2016 and then going on sale in Russia.


What is expected is a better finished, slightly more premium SUV that will try to stay true to the rugged nature of the Niva and while we expect the SUV to grow slightly in size, GM-Autovaz will probably maintain its position as a compact, budget SUV. As such, expect GM to not give in to the temptation to make a crossover and instead give the Niva a full-on four-wheel drive system along with adequate ground clearance. Also expected is a replacement for the current 80PS 1.7-litre engine with something with more juice. A PSA-sourced 135PS 1.8-litre engine is being tipped in reports online.

Chevrolet NIVA ???????

Chevrolet, if you remember, has announced its decision to close the brand in Europe by end 2015 with the solitary exception of Russia.

Concept Chevrolet NIVA new generation of MIAS 2014

JVC GM-AVTOVAZ will introduce the concept of a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA on August 27 at the Moscow International Motor Show 08/13/2014 Modern stylish exterior and interior of the concept give an idea about the design of the future Chevrolet NIVA. Paying tribute to the current generation of the legendary SUV models in the exhibition with the help of additional equipment underlines the exceptional all-terrain potential model. The concept is equipped with large-wheels 235/70 / R16 tires with a special all-terrain, protection of the engine and front axle, snorkel, roof rails and attached to them a spare wheel, and an additional light beam. In the future, a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for buyers who love their country and want to enjoy its vast open spaces at any time of the year. "In the style of the new car will be much closer to the line of Chevrolet. At the same time a more brutal appearance and characteristics of the car suggest that it will continue to be a real NIVA!", - Said General Director of JV Jeffrey Glover (Jeffrey Glover). The emergence of a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA is expected in 2016.

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