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Google further develops self-driving car

Team OD  | Published: April 30, 2014, 11:14 AM IST

Google self driving car has been undergoing rigorous testing to improve its capabilities. The latest phase of testing is been done on busy city streets than the highways that the car was used to. It has been the subject of intense testing in and around the streets of Mountain View, California.

Google self driving carGoogle's self driving car on the streets of Mountain View, California, US.

Google claims that its autonomous car's software can now recognize hundreds of different objects simultaneously which includes pedestrians, cyclists, buses and even road signs and hand gestures by cyclists. The car has successfully navigated through construction zones, avoided big parked trucks, crossed railway crossings, and can even slow down when a cyclist in front gives a hand signal indicating that he wants to change lanes.

Google says that the computer onboard the car can predict the happenings on the road and its engineers have developed models for it to adapt to different situations.  The car has now clocked seven lakh autonomous miles and the company says that with each passing mile they believe that their goal of a completely self driving car is achievable. Currently though the autonomous car is limited to the streets of Mountain View as the company tries and programs the car for other streets.

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