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Helpdesk: A CNG kit in a Volkswagen Polo?

Team OD  /
28 Jul 2015 09:12:29 IST

Ajit Kriplani: I've owned the Polo 1.2 petrol for four years and have decided to get a CNG kit installed. What are its advantages and disadvantages? How much will the conversion cost?

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OD:We have seen a few Volkswagen Polos that use CNG kits. However, Volkswagen may not service your car and you will have to rely on third-party service centres. Performance of the car will drop noticeably but running costs will reduce too. You will also have to check with the local RTO if the car is included in the CNG approved listing. If it does, the fuel change has to be mentioned in the RC. There are a lot of approved CNG kits available today and prices vary depending on the type of system (Venturi and Sequential). We suggest you also check with your local Volkswagen dealer.

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