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15 Apr 2016 10:53:52 IST

1. I am interested in buying a seven-seater vehicle and have narrowed my choices to the Mahindra XUV 500 and the Toyota Innova. Which of these two vehicles is the better choice? The Toyota Fortuner is beyond my budget, is there any other vehicle I should consider?

2016 Toyota Innova Crysta (5)

Pramod Kumar Sharma

The Mahindra XUV 500 and Toyota Innova are both capable vehicles. The XUV offers slightly less third row space than the Innova. The last rows on both vehicles are however not suited for adults and long journeys.The XUV scores in terms of ground clearance but the Innova is more comfortable and is known for its reliability and excellent resale value. You can also consider the Renault Lodgy. The MPV is priced lower, is as feature loaded and offers good space as well as comfort. We also recommend you wait for the all-new Innova Crysta and then decide. Toyota will be launching it before May this year.

2. I am looking for an SUV/MUV that can seat eight comfortably. The vehicle needs to be priced below Rs 15 lakh. The priorities are reliability, comfort and space. The Innova seems to be the best option. Should I go ahead with it or wait until the new model rolls out. When do you think the vehicle will be launched in India?

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova (14)

Nitin Khadse

The Innova does fit your requirements well but for the price mentioned you will only be able to go in for the mid variant that will miss out on important features. The all-new Innova will be unveiled end of 2015 or early 2016. You should also consider the Renault Lodgy. It offers great comfort, space and has an eight-seater option as well. It is much more affordable too - the top RxZ variant comfortably undercuts your budget.

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