Helpdesk: Honda CB Shine to get any updates in future?

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18 Jan 2016 17:17:51 IST

I am thinking of buying a Honda Shine in the near future but as you experts have pointed out, there are some niggles in the Shine, starting with its looks and engine. Are there going to be any updates in the near future. If yes, then by when can we expect them?

Manzul Salve

Honda CB Shine SP_Helpdesk Jan 16

All versions of the Shine are the same motorcycle with different graphics and cosmetic parts. So you can buy any version you like. The new Shine SP, though, has a 5-speed gearbox. CBS is a bit safer than regular brakes but not as effective as ABS. But it can be of some utility to riders with basic or intermediate skill on a motorcycle.

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