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Huawei forms an alliance with 18 carmakers to build 5G automobile ecosphere

Aditya Chatterjee  | Updated: May 12, 2020, 07:02 PM IST

"Huawei does not make cars", mentions Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman, Rotating Chairman, Huawei.  He further added, "Based on ICT (information on communications and technology), Huawei aims to be a digital car oriented and new-added components provider." And in line with this direction, the Chinese tech brand Huawei has recently announced building a 5G automobile ecosphere for manufacturers to test and implement their 5G compatible technology, that is considered to be the next big thing with its advantages in transmission speed, reliability and low latency.

All of which make 5G the quintessential for connected car and self-driving technology along with car entertainment. For this, Huawei has formed an alliance with 18 Chinese car manufacturers that include First Automobile Group, Chang'an Automobile, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, SAIC Motor Corporation, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD Auto, Great Wall Motors, Chery Holdings and JAC Motors.

With a 1.14 billion subscribers base, Asia-Pacific (APAC) will be one of the biggest players in 5G adoption. According to GlobalData, this will amount to 65 per cent of the global subscriptions by 2024, and also also shape the future direction of IoT (Internet of things) as well as tech in automobiles. Last year, Huawei launched the MH5000 5G communications hardware. This was then followed by the introduction of other technologies like the T-Box platform for ecosystem partners to support 5G vehicle and 5G+C-V2X intelligent network application innovation.

The company had also launched a HiCharger DC fast charging module, in two versions -  30kW and 20 kW, wherein the former is for the Chinese market and the latter for the international market. With the introduction of the HiCharger, Huawei has stepped in the electric vehicle charging space where it wants to build smart infrastructure to power EVs in China and also around the world. The company is also working on an open intelligent-driving platform to study app interface, car controlling systems, smart cockpits and the internet of vehicles.

Huawei's 5G based products and technologies have underpinned different international and domestic (Chinese) innovations in automobiles, namely self-driving, intelligent network, and information services based


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