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Hyundai Mobility Membership loyalty program launched with unconditional benefits for Hyundai owners

Simran Rastogi  | Updated: August 13, 2020, 03:12 PM IST

Hyundai Motors India has launched its very own loyalty program, the Hyundai Mobility Membership program in India. In phase one of the program, customers of any new Hyundai vehicle (purchased after August 13th, 2020) are enrolled into the Mobility Membership with no enrolment cost, or subsequent subscription charges, requiring only a login with the vehicle's VIN details. The Hyundai Mobility Membership offers unconditional benefits ranging from discounts on car accessories to car rentals, and further, to discounts on shopping and food and beverage experiences to name a few. Importantly, the HMM program does not currently require members to spend money to earn points to redeem; all the benefits will be available from day one of the membership.

In phase two, coming in Q4 2020, even existing Hyundai customers will be added into the HMM fold, extending to buyers of even pre-owned Hyundai cars, as well as potential Hyundai customers. As for whether owners of multiple Hyundais, or owners of premium Hyundai vehicles will get access to more premium/deeper benefits, Hyundai says more details will be made available soon. With the Hyundai Mobility Membership program, the company aims for a lifetime of meaningful engagement with its customers, which Hyundai says helps when it comes to repurchase decisions, with 75 per cent of customers reportedly choosing a brand that already knows their preferences.

Currently, the Hyundai Mobility Membership service is accessible via a smartphone application and a microsite, where members can access the spread of offers from the current list of 21 partners, which includes Shell, JK Tyre, Avis, Zoomcar, Sterling Resorts, Gaana, Lenskart, 1MG and more. With the Hyundai Mobility Membership, the company joins the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and others in offering loyalty programs to their customers.


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