Image gallery: 2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT in India

Varun Anchan  /
01 Dec 2014 11:06:38 IST

The latest cruiser to grace the Indian roads is the Triumph Thunderbird LT. It is loaded with features and promises effortless cruising. We have a road test of the motorcycle coming up here soon. Till then, you can chew on these images of the big cruiser.

The Thunderbird LT is a 'light tourer' that Triumph built to break the stranglehold that Harley-Davidson have on the American cruiser market

Like the classic tourer that it hopes to better, the beautiful Triumph has clean lines with large fenders, a cushy seat, tall wide bars and a sea of chrome

We were so comfortable on this behemoth that we only turned around after putting 400 kilometres on the odo

Thumb the starter and the 1699cc parallel twin sparks to life with a burble

The Triumph scores great on comfort and the multiple density cushion seat is one of the most comfortable perches on a motorcycle

A closer look at the pillion perch

Large dials are simple and easy to read

White walled tyres scream classic

The 270 degree firing order does give the twin a distinct v-twin like off beat note but it's a fairly soft tune

You can see the road over the tall windscreen rather than having to look through it, which is great in general and crucial in rain

For such a large motorcycle, the Triumph handles really well but like all cruisers, it grinds its floorboards way too soon

It can hold faster speeds but over 140kmph, the vibrations and the wind noise becomes a distraction

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