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Image gallery: 2015 Volkswagen Vento

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21 May 2015 10:38:09 IST

Volkswagen has just refreshed the Vento. The car features cosmetic changes only as the German manufacturer has stayed away from upgradingthe engines or transmissions. The revisions are in light of freshcompetition from cars such as the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Honda City, Hyundai 4S Verna and the Skoda Rapid. Changeshave been made to the front and rear bumpers that sport a rather generous splattering of chrome. The tail lamp layout is revised too. View the image gallery to find out what's new.

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe front resembles the current crop of VWs

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe new front grille and bumper gives the Vento a slightly mature face

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe rear bumper is revised and gets a chrome strip liketheone across the boot lid. The badging sits lower than before

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe Vento's handsome lines are retained

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe front grille looks like the Passat. Single chrome strip runs across the larger air dam

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe new Vento gets blacked out headlights. Bumper edges get creasesthatcontinue into the front fenders

2015 Volkswagen VentoFog lamp is lifted off the new Polo

2015 Volkswagen VentoChrome highlights on the door handles are new

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe tail lamps get a new layout but essentially are the same, save for subtleaerokinkon the outer edge

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe Vento now gets ORVMs with integrated turn indicators

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe interiors wear a darker beige colour

2015 Volkswagen VentoChilled glovebox is a new feature

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe engines from the current Vento are carried forward sans any changes

2015 Volkswagen VentoElectric boot release is introduced

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe silhouette is the same as the current Vento

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe Vento remains a poised and confident handler

2015 Volkswagen VentoThe 2015 Vento gets a new alloy wheel design

2015 Volkswagen VentoApart from colour changes, the interiors remain the same

Images by Ishaan Bhataiya

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