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Image gallery: 2016 BMW S1000 XR

Team OD  | Published: April 25, 2016, 06:30 PM IST

BMW essentially created the adventure touring category in 1981 with the R80 G/S. Since multiple manufacturers have joined the big adv category but each with a different flavour. The Ducati Multistrada for instance went down its own road of offering the same tall motorcycle feel and relaxed ergonomics but with traditional 17-inch road tyres that made it more of an upright sports bike than a go-anywhere motorcycle. Clearly this was a segment worth delving into because BMW responded to the Multistrada with this, the S1000 XR.  The BMW S1000 XR runs a detuned version of the might litre-class engine from the S1000 RR superbike. Detuned yes, but still mighty powerful with 160PS on tap mated to a tall but capable chassis. Like the Multistrada, the S1000 XR is a road going superbike that will be unfazed by our road conditions but still offer thrilling performance whenever desired. All this doesn't come cheap though and expect to shell out Rs 27.64 lakh for the BMW S1000 XR. And that's only an ex-showroom price! If you, like us, aren't among the privileged few who can afford such a machine, console yourself by scrolling down for a closer look at this incredible motorcycle

BMW S1000XR (7)The BMW S1000 XR isn't a classically beautiful motorcycle but has a very purposeful look

BMW S1000XR (6)The view from the sadle is typical adventure bike- a wide and flat handlebar, a tall windscreen and a big fuel tank

BMW S1000XR (5)The comprehensive body work should provide good wind protection while the relatively long travel suspension looks like it will soak up bumps far better than the average superbike

BMW S1000XR (3)In typical BMW fashion, there is a wide list of accessories, including this comprehensive luggage solution

BMW S1000XR (2)Multiple layers in the body work don't just look good, they're main purpose is to smoothly flowing air around the motorcycle at igh speeds

BMW S1000XR (4)The low slung exhaust hints that this motorcycle isn't built so much for river crossings than high speed touring and corner carving

BMW S1000XR (1)Comprehensive grab rails and a large seat show the focus towards rider and pillion comfort


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