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Image gallery: 2016 Honda Africa Twin

Team OD  | Updated: April 27, 2016, 01:00 PM IST

Ever since Honda showed us their True Adventure concept, we have all been waiting eagerly for the arrival of the big adventure tourer from Japan. Now that it is here, it also brings with it the resurrection of a name that is hallowed in the adventure touring circles as perhaps the motorcycle that started it all - the Africa Twin. The new bike promises to be just a, if not more, exciting. The bike now gets a 998cc parallel twin to drive it. It will be available with an option of a DCT gearbox that will let you switch gears using switches on the handlebar. It also comes with a whole suite of electronics that has been specially tuned to work well off-roaf.

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCTThis is not a fact that you will confuse with anything else. The Africa Twin's design is very striking

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCTWith the name CRF endowed to it, Honda has made sure that the capabilities of the Africa Twin off-road are up to the mark that their competition bikes have set

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCTLots of ground clearance, a purposeful looking sump guard and spoke wheels ready for some knobblies. The Africa Twin looks ready for adventure

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCTThe new liquid-cooled motor has the option of a dual clutch gearbox that has been specially tuned for off-road use

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCTThe Africa Twin's motor is an all new liquid-cooled, parallel twin that displaces 998cc

2016 Honda Africa TwinWhen most adventure tourers have grown in engine capacity, Honda has decided to stick with a one-litre engine

2016 Honda Africa TwinA lot of focus during R&D was laid on the off-road capabilities of the Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa TwinAt just over 230kg, the Africa Twin is among the lightest of the current big ADV bikes

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT


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