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Image gallery: 2016 Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage

Team OD  | Updated: April 20, 2016, 01:39 PM IST

Alright, we'll admit it. What we really love is the colour theme. While the MT-07 Moto Cage is already available in matte grey with red highlights, the fluorescent yellow was only recently revealed. But what is it? It is a variant of the Yamaha MT-07 that takes inspiration from the freestyle stunt riding movement. So, it gets various protection bits like hand guards and tubular crash protection around the engine, a sump guard and a radiator guard. There are no mechanical changes, so the motorcycle still makes 75PS and 68Nm.

2016_YAM_MT07MC_EU_BNS4DSJ_STU_002_03If you like popping wheelies and pulling rolling stoppies, this then this MT-07 is the perfect bike for you

2016_YAM_MT07MC_EU_BNS4DSJ_STU_001_03Look closely and you will notice all the crash protection that has been applied to the MT-07

2016_YAM_MT07MC_EU_BNS4DSJ_STU_005_03Hand guards tubular frame protection will save you when you overcook a wheelie or a stoppie

2016_YAM_MT07MC_EU_BNS4DSJ_ACT_004We also like that yellow and matte grey colour scheme Yamaha has applied

2016_YAM_MT07MC_EU_BNS4DSJ_ACT_002There are no mechanical changes, so the Moto Cage still performs like an MT-07




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