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Image gallery: Nissan X-Trail hybrid

Team OD  /
25 Feb 2016 17:05:21 IST

Nissan's all new X-Trail is finally here. We saw it at the Auto Expo just a few weeks ago, but now we have driven it. In India we will only get the Hybrid variant and not a diesel. The SUV looks completely new and nothing like its predecessor. Click here for our first drive review of the Nissan X-Trail hybrid.

Nissan X-Trail (3)The X-Trail doesn't look boxy anymore. The front end looks a lot like the Qashqai

Nissan X-TrailThe side profile is very clean. There are no long lines interrupting the flow of the design

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (11)The tail lights remind us a little of the Ford Fiesta sedan. The bootl lid shuts electrically

Nissan X-Trail (2)

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (10)

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (9)The wide bodied design gives the X-Trail tremendous road presence

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (8)

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (6)So far, Nissan is only bringing the Hybrid motor mated to their CVT gearbox

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (5)

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (4)

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (3)The Hybrid tech aids in efficiency and also throws in some additional horsepower if the occasion calls for it

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Max Power(ps)
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