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Image gallery: Race Suzuki Gixxer SF

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09 Jun 2015 14:20:58 IST

Suzuki is the latest manufacturer to jump on the single-make championship bandwagon, and their motorcycle of choice for their one-make series is the Suzuki Gixxer SF. The Race Suzuki Gixxer SF is a modified version of the stock Gixxer SF that you see plying on Indian roads. The Japanese manufacturer has left the engine on the Gixxer as is, simply adding a free-flowing air intake and a free-flow exhaust to the package. Revised gearing means that the motorcycle is allowed to hit a higher top-speed, and the power figure, though still subject to dyno testing, is likely to be between 18-19PS. The motorcycle also gets softer compound MRF tyres, ideal for race conditions. We managed to put the Race Suzuki Gixxer SF through its paces at the Kari Motor Speedway, and you can read all about it right here. Meanwhile, here are images that you simply must take a look at. Doesn't that race bike look terrific!

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (4)Hard braking and flipping the bike on its side in a corner are accomplished with ease

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (1)Experienced riders will find that the Race Gixxer SF is a capable machine to test their skills on

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (7)This Gixxer israther fetching in blue and fluorescent yellow, isn't it?

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (5)And that's what it looks like from the rear, with the pitlane of the Kari Motor Speedway stretching out into the distance

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (3)Suzuki have managed to make the bike extremely neutral and the MRF race rubber is extraordinarily grippy and confidence inspiring

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (18)It's this ease of operation and how quickly the chassis reacts that make the race bike such an impressive tool

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (17)Suzuki cheekily told us that many of the people who raced the new bike came back and complained that the lovely little race SF made their other bikes feel less capable

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (13)Stock meters under-read because of the bigger front sprocket

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bikeNew clip-ons position the bars lower and closer to the motorcycle. Note 20mm lower position of the triple tee on the race bike

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (14)New bespoke soft compound tyres are what the Race Gixxer is shod with

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (2)

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (11)Race Gixxer SF rearset is 15mm back and 20mm up over the stock bike. Brake lever design was changed later to avoid excess scraping

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (10)Mirrors nixed, and head light covered by a fetching race number, the Gixxer Race bike looks good!

Suzuki Gixxer SF race bike (12)New free flow exhaust, combined with a free flowing intake and carburettion brings an estimated 19PS to the race Gixxer SF

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