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Image gallery: 2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003

Anis Shaikh  | Published: April 16, 2016, 10:00 AM IST

This is the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhausc SCG 003. What is it? A limited edition sports car born out of James Glickenhaus' wildest dreams. In it's road going form it is built almost entirely from carbon fibre and is powred by a V6 motor mated to a Hewland transmission. It looks a lot like a road going LMP car and also promises to perform like one.

SCG_003S_Stradale_12Looks like an LMP car? We think so too

SCG_003S_Stradale_10The body has been constructed from carbon fibre like a some of the best race cars

SCG_003S_Stradale_08If you find some lines that remind you of the Enzo, we're with you

SCG_003S_Stradale_06You wouldn't expect anything less stunning from James Glickenhaud, one of the largest collectors of racing vehicles

SCG_003S_Stradale_03If you look at the number plate, it says Stradale because this car's brother is christened SCG 003 Competizione and is a full blown race car

SCG_003S_Street_01 (1)


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