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Image gallery: Shaken and Stirred August 2017

Team OD  | Updated: August 04, 2017, 07:22 PM IST

A team of driven, passionate and creative individuals all immersed in cars and motorcycles, as you might imagine, is not a normal working environment. Their antics, our making of story if you will, is Shaken & Stirred, the very last page in our print edition. It is usually the first page that is read when the issue arrives, and now we've decided to bring it online as well. Presenting our League of Superheroes.

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (7)You haven't heard of Shumi's heroics at the Battle of Haldighati because this happened very, very early on

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (4)No, no Rohit, meri Poppins!

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (1)Lijo. Just natural good looks...

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (6)Lijo, now and forever OD's foremost expert at crowd control

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (5)Avast! Blackbeard wants to take an SLR selfie!

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (2)We want a funny picture, guys, not a bunny picture!

Shaken n Stirred - August 2017 (3)For a moment, just for one moment, Rishabh believed he was looking at a Kickstarter parachute...

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