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"India needs gradual and seamless adoption of EVs" - Venu Srinivasan, TVS

Team OD  | Updated: June 10, 2019, 11:43 PM IST

On making the two-wheeler market all-electric by 2025 and the three-wheeler market by 2023, Venu Srinivasan, chairman, TVS Motor Company Limited, shows his concern on the matter as it may not be a good idea to rush things.

He says that the automakers around the globe support the goal of introducing electric vehicle (EV) and easing consumers into electric mobility. This resulting in them making strides towards developing mass-market EVs suitable for the customers.

However, Srinivasan stated that consumers/customers should be willing to make the switch so the adoption of EV in our market becomes easy. The infrastructure should be supportive of the initiative as conventional fuel, he added.

Also, "The auto industry globally is still a long way away from all of this, as is India. To force an unrealistic deadline for mass adoption of electric two- and three-wheelers, will not just create consumer discontent, it risks derailing auto-manufacturing in India that supports four million jobs," said Venu.

"We need gradual and seamless adoption of EVs to avoid such collateral damage and ensure our technology-driven disruption is positive and lasting," he added.

TVS seems to have plans to launch two-wheeler EVs by 2022. The electric scooter on cards could debut by 2020 while the solar-powered scooter could be out by 2022.

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