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India-spec Fiat Punto Evo Abarth specs and performance figures surface

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28 Sep 2015 18:20:26 IST

The specifications and performance figures of the upcoming Punto Evo Abarth have surfaced on the internet and on paper, the new hot hatch from Italy looks like a promising prospect for the enthusiast.

Fiat Punto Evo Abarth

Power from the T-Jet petrol is rated at a class leading 145PS while the torque figure stand at 212Nm which again is unmatched in the segment. Claimed performance figures are appealing with a 0-100kmph time of 8.8 seconds and claimed economy numbers of 16.3kmpl.Fiat has lowered the ground clearance of the car to 155mm and has fit the car with disc brakes all around. An electric boot makes it to the list of convenience features in the Abarth Punto. Fiat has also tinkered a little with the interiors and offered aluminium pedals and bright red stitching on the leather seats.


Fiat may also launch the Avventura Evo Abarth, making it the fastest crossover in the country. The engine from the Punto Evo Abarth will used, however, it will be tuned to produce 140PS and 210Nm. It will take a second longer to hit 100kmph in comparison to the PuntoEvoAbarth. Fiat claims a fuel efficiency of 17.1kmpl for the Avventura Abarth.

The Fiat Abarth Punto is aimed at those who seek performance and need an alternative to the other hot hatches, the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI and now the Ford Figo 1.5l automatic. While the German car only makes 105PS from its 1.2-litre motor, the delicious 7-speed DSG is a treat and that makes it an interesting package. The Ford Figo in the meanwhile sits right in the middle with 112PS and a 7-speed DCT transmission for company. Will the Fiat Punto Abarth have the teeth to battle against the reigning performance hatch? Stay tuned for a detailed comparison.

Source: Team Fiat Moto Club on Facebook

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