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India Superbike Festival 2013 to be held on October 19

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15 Oct 2013 13:19:24 IST

The India Superbike Festival 2013 is scheduled to be held in Pune on October 19-20. The Superbike Festival will host motorcycle companies displaying their goods, riding gear and other attractions. A proper Mecca for bike lovers, this one promises even more energy and excitement than the very successful event from last year. Compared with the 2012 edition which saw around 350 bikers and one lakh visitors, this year's event promises to bring in 500 bikers and nearly double the number of visitors. Leading musicians and bands from all over India will be playing at Amanora Town Centre in Pune where the event is scheduled to be held. At the end of each day, the organizers will host parties for participants and visitors alike.


"The idea of the India Superbike Festival is to get bikers together to give them a platform to display what they own" says Amol Talpade, one of the organizers of the festival. The India Superbike Festival serves as a platform for like minded individuals to meet and get to know each other and share experiences and stories about themselves and their motorcycles.

To register and know more about the event you can log on to any of the following websites: indiasuperbikefestival.com / indiasuperbikefestival.in / superbikefestival.com / superbikefestival.in

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