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Indian Motorcycles to get new Ride Command touchscreen infotainment

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29 Jul 2016 18:07:11 IST

Indian Motorcycles has just announced that it will be integrating its new Ride Command system in the 2017 Chieftain and Roadmaster. The new system offers a seven-inch, high- resolution touchscreen that gives the rider access to vehicle diagnostics, speed, fuel range, two trip meters and efficiency indicators, GPS data (including heading and ride time), entertainment, Bluetooth and navigation. The phone compatibility also allows you to download your phonebook contents onto the system. The touchscreen is also glove friendly allowing riders to even pinch in/out to zoom. Aside from being a touchscreen unit, it gets four quick launch buttons just below the screen to quickly access GPS, music, phone and other information.

Indian Roadmaster 10Indian Roadmaster

Indian Motorcycle touchscreen infotainment system (1)

Indian says that it is the brightest screen used in motorcycles ever and even brighter than some smartphones that are in the market today. The system is a lot like the top-of-the-line infotainment that is offered in cars these days. The system hooks up to the audio system on the Indian Chieftain and the Roadmaster which use 100W and 200W speakers, respectively.

Indian ChieftainIndian Chieftain

Indian Motorcycle touchscreen infotainment system (4)

The new Ride Command will be standard on the 2017 Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster which are currently priced at Rs 34.82 lakh and Rs 37.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), respectively.

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