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Intermot 2016: New BMW S1000R, S1000RR and S1000XR revealed

Team OD  | Updated: October 04, 2016, 04:02 PM IST

BMW Motorrad has revealed the new S1000R, S1000RR and S1000XR at the Intermot 2016 which is also known as the International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair.

On the 2017 BMW S1000R, the key change is that the engine now makes a higher 164.51PS at 11,000rpm. In comparison, the previous version had a claimed power output of 160.43PS at 11,000rpm. BMW Motorrad says that the new S1000R is lighter than its predecessor by 2kg. The motorcycle gets a new frame structure with a lighter main frame rear section. The new S1000R gets a HP titanium rear silencer as standard equipment which delivers sportier aural experience. Also, the new S1000R gets a much smaller fairing than the previous model.

S1000R (1)

BMW Motorrad is offering HP Shift Assistant Pro as an option which allows for clutchless upshifts and downshifts. The options list also includes light HP forged wheels which are 2.4kg lighter than the standard wheels. Buyers can also opt for a wheel design with red rim lines. ABS Pro now comes as a part of the optional Riding Modes Pro. The manufacturer says that the instrument cluster of the new S1000R offers better readability and gets an outdoor temperature display. It will be offered in three new colours - racing red non-metallic/blackstorm metallic, Catalano grey non-metallic and BMW Motorsport.

The 2017 S1000RR gets DTC as standard. ABS Pro is now part of the optional Riding Modes Pro, and it will be offered as a single-seat model with a passenger seat cover. BMW says that the passenger package will be offered free of charge as an alternative. It will be offered in a new granite grey metallic/blackstorm metallic colour variant.

The 2017 BMW S1000XR makes 164.51 PS at 11,000rpm while the previous model delivered 160.43PS at the same rpm. BMW says that it gets vibration-free handlebars for enhanced rider comfort. It will be offered in a new ocean blue metallic matt colour.

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