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Jaguar Future-Type unveiled: JLR's all-electric autonomous car previews future of mobility

Team OD  | Updated: September 08, 2017, 12:52 PM IST

Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover recently announced that it will be going all-electric from the year 2020, and almost immediately, Jaguar Land Rover has revealed what owning its cars could be like in 2040 with the Jaguar Future-Type. Owning this all-electric, fully autonomous car is one among the many unique ideas introduced by manufacturers with respect to the future of mobility. According to Jaguar Land Rover, a customer doesn't even have to buy the full car to be able to use one – he just has to own the steering wheel, which will subscribe him to Jaguar's ride-sharing platform. But this steering wheel is no ordinary unit – it's the world's first "intelligent and connected steering wheel." Basically, it is to a regular steering wheel what the smartphone is to an old Nokia 1100. The steering has a built-in AI (artificial intelligence) software called Sayer (named after Malcolm Sayer, the designer of the Jaguar E-type) and works like a key (and the steering wheel) to the Jaguar Future-Type.

The Jaguar Future-Type has a narrow width to make commuting and parking in the city convenient

Sayer is voice-activated and can perform a bunch of functions like summoning a car, playing music, making a reservation at a restaurant, and apparently, knowing what's in your fridge. Sayer will be connected to different "orbits" like your house, work and family, which allows you to check on them on the go. If you need to be at work the next day at 8.00am, you just have to keep Sayer posted, and it (he?) will arrange for the car to autonomously arrive at your house, and even suggest which sections of the journey you'd enjoy driving yourself.

The Jaguar Future-Type's AI equipped steering wheel is called Sayer

Yes, that's right, Jaguar says it won't be leaving us driving enthusiasts completely out of the picture. Although, you can expect that the system will constantly monitor you and have many restrictions in the interest of safety. The car will be able to communicate with other vehicles on the road and use co-operative driving technologies to make your commute that much safer. Also, if you're not the kind that likes to share, the Jaguar Future-Type can be owned privately. Inside the car is a three-seat arrangement – the front seat can swivel to face the rear passengers while the car is in autonomous mode, or face the front when the driver wishes to take over. Jaguar says that despite the narrow width, which allows for easy commuting and parking in cities, there is enough space inside the cabin because the wheels are set to the far ends of the car.


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