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Jio showcases connected vehicle ecosystem

Team OD  | Updated: February 05, 2020, 06:40 PM IST

Popular network provider Jio took the 2020 Auto Expo as a platform to showcase their latest offering in the connected vehicle system. The company has not released any details on the pricing of the device or the packages but mentions that the same will be made available in the coming months.

The Jio device, importantly, can be tailored to different types of customers be it in the personal or commercial space. The system will be using Jio's 4G network coverage that's present across the country. And that is one of the strongest highlights of the system. The Jio connectivity system will also offer the convenience of multiple platforms that can be integrated to offer the best of connected technology to the end user. Jio confirms that the system can be scaled to any size from a customer with 5 trucks to a fleet of hundred. Additionally, it will be offered with the vast spread customer support.

The Jio connectivity system can be accessed through mobile application as well as the fleet portal that will give overspeeding alerts, geofencing, unnecessary idling, fuel consumption, location tracking and a lot more.

All of these alerts and information can be accessed through the easy to access mobile application. And Jio will Not just offers device but also an additional camera setup for an additional premium that can be fitted in the car to get real-time information on driving pattern, braking performance, drowsiness etc. This should be an useful addition to the whole ownership experience and we believe Jio could also be in talks with OEMs to offer this as standard.

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