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Kawasaki Z900 recalled over suspension bracket issue

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30 Nov 2017 13:29:27 IST

Kawasaki has sent out a recall for its2017 Kawasaki Z900 across international markets, including in India, where the motorcycle was launched at the start of the year. A circular issued to dealerships states that the tie-rod for bracket for the rear shock absorber is faulty. Whenever the rear suspension bottoms out, it is a possibility that the holes in the tie-rod frame mounts get elongated, resulting in rear suspension failure. As part of the recall, these frames will be inspected and the brackets will be replaced with a new, reinforced bracket kit. In certain cases, the recall will also involve replacing the frame in case the elongation has gone beyond predetermined limitations.

The recall is meant for all Z900 bikes with particular batches being affected and their VIN numbers have also been shared by the manufacturer. The issue is also being rectified on bike that have yet to be delivered. Kawasaki workshops can inspect and replace the faulty bracket within 50 minutes. The replacement can be carried out at all official India Kawasaki Motor service centres in the country. The Kawasaki Z900 with its modern streetfighter looks and 126PS inline-four engine costs Rs 7.6 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India).

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