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London-based tattoo artist inks the Gumpert Apollo for the Gumball 3000 Rally

Team OD  | Updated: June 11, 2014, 11:18 AM IST

Inking the Gumpert Apollo may have been a welcome change for tattoo artist, Aleksy Marcinow. Before setting out on the herculean task assigned to him by the London Motor Group, the artist said, "It had to be right first time and I had to work with the angles and curves in the car but at least the Gumpert Apollo didn't move or scream."

Catch the artist at work on the Gumpert Apollo

Not that the Apollo needs any more body work to grab eyeballs on the road. However, we agree that the result is stunning. Unveiled at the Gumball 3000 Rally to a bevy of click-happy auto lovers gathered at the Regent Street in London, the supercar flaunts a unique pop-artsy bonnet. Although, at the speeds which the Apollo boasts, we wonder if the delicate detailing will be lost in an orange flash, as it whizzes past.


This looker was revealed along with ten luxury cars from the London Supercar workshop, also part of the London Motor Group. It will probably head for display at their Motor Museum, where it will join the likes of exotic machinery including the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles.


ONE OF THE WORLD'S FIRST TATTOOED CARS REVEALED AT LONDON STAGE OF GUMBALL 3000 RALLY It took tattoo artist, Aleksy Marcinow, two weeks to ink the Gumpert Apollo supercar London Motor Museum also exhibited 10 other supercars from the 1930s to the modern day Hayes, London, England, 10 June 2014 – Crowds gathered on a sun-drenched Regent Street in London on Sunday to watch the unveiling of one of the world's first tattooed cars as part of the Gumball 3000 Rally. London-based tattoo artist, Aleksy Marcinow, joined London Motor Museum owner Elo to reveal the unique Gumpert Apollo, one of the fastest cars in the world, which was tattooed by Aleksy for the London Supercar workshop. With inspiration for the car's tattoo design coming from Japanese art and irezumi, the project took Aleksy two weeks to complete. Elo, London Motor Museum owner and founder, commented: "I wanted Aleksy, one of the hottest tattoo artists to date, to tattoo a very special car to me. We used the same process as you would use on a body, just on a car. I felt confident leaving Aleksy to it and the result is just fantastic – it's all his own art." Tattoo artist, Aleksy Marcinow, said: "I remember when Elo asked me to tattoo a car, thinking it was a crazy idea, but I really loved the contemporary approach that I could take to this project and was interested straight away." The London Supercar workshop also brought 10 luxury supercars ranging from the 1930s to the modern day, all of which attracted huge numbers of people throughout the day. To learn more about how the car was tattooed, watch the video on YouTube: Click here for high res image – ENDS – About London Motor Group: London Motor Group is parent company to the London Supercar Workshop and London Motor Museum, and specialises in unique and exceptional custom car conversions. Owner and founder, Elo, is a former international fashion model, and the work of the London Motor Group is a reflection of his unique personality and character. London Supercar Workshop is the creative epicentre of the operation, with cars from all over the world, often belonging to international music, sports and movie stars undergoing customisation in this unique and specialist environment dedicated to Elo and his team's automotive passion and artistic flare. London Motor Museum is the only custom car museum in Europe, housing a unique collection of more than 200 privately owned American and European classic cars ranging from the 1930s through to the present day and showcasing the latest creations from the Supercar Workshop. With much more than just classic cars, the London Motor Museum boasts a range of unique vehicles and exhibitions including The Movie Car Section, The Bat-Cave (home to both the 1966 and 1989 Batmobile), Muscle Car Alley, The Supercar Paddock (home to some of the fastest cars in the world) and much more.


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