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March 2015 issue of OVERDRIVE - out on stands now

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03 Mar 2015 12:46:13 IST

It's the awards season at OVERDRIVE (and everywhere else) - so we suited up and shined our shoes to honour the best in the automobile world - you can turn to page 62 of our March issue to find out who sped away with the shiny silver Speedshift this year. And even after we were done and dusted post the jury rounds, we didn't hesitate for a moment to be the judge of whether the new Tata hatch can bolt past the Punto and the Polo in our comparison (page 88).

MARCH 2015

We also drove the new oil-burning C-Class (page 84) from the three-pointed star that's here in the market to cover the interstellar distance between segments in the German carmaker's portfolio. And no OVERDRIVE issue is quite complete without a good Deutsch duel - we pit the CLA against the A3 (page 100) to find out which is the three-box troll and which, the nobler in spirit. Meanwhile, our test ride of the Indian Scout (page 140) will tell you if, at Rs 11.99 lakh ex-Delhi, the performance cruiser can be the new American sniper in the market. The other Indian, the Chief gets to spend some time in our garage (page 152) and proves to be quite the big hero. We also ride another American, the Street 750, but this time in a custom flavour called the Motomiu Katanga Uno (126) - no imitation game of the stock bike, this.

As we drive around the frozen roads of Gulmarg for the second edition of the Winter Drive on page 106, we find that the Mercedes-Benz SUVs and team OVERDRIVE are quite the winter soldiers. And our overview of the California Superbike School on page 146 shows that you don't need a whiplash to train to be a great rider. But you do need to know how to train your dragon if you want to own a 1000cc monster like the Kawasaki Versys 1000 (page 134). Meanwhile, there's only one word to describe a ride in the topless Audi TT and TTS - wild. For the six-page spread version, flip to page 54.

We also drive the Hyundai Verna and she's not ready to be written off as a gone girl just yet - because she's back with a spanking new makeover which portends things to come. As usual, the issue is also packed with our regular set of hits - our Simple Tech section that explores the theory of everything automobile (this month, axles and how they work - page 202), while our Better Riding column teaches you that there are no unexpected virtues of ignorance when it comes to biking in the vicinity of knowledge (page 194), and of course, a good deal of motorsport ( stories of the unbroken - Dakar round up on page 170).

So sit back and relax with a refreshing cuppa something and the latest issue of OVERDRIVE - it's out on stands now. Meanwhile, we'll get back to our nightcrawling to get you more stories for the next month.

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