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Maruti discontinues S-Cross DDiS 320 Delta and Zeta variants in India

Lijo Mathai  /
31 Mar 2016 18:23:19 IST

Contrary to reports which say that Maruti Suzuki have discontinued all the DDiS 320 variants of the low selling S-Cross, the manufacturer has only stopped production of the lower trims. The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross 320 Delta and Zeta variants which were priced at Rs 10.81 lakh and Rs 11.89 lakh respectively, ex-Mumbai are now no longer on sale. The reason cited is that customers usually don't prefer buying the 1.6-litre engined S-Cross in the lower trims. As it is, the DDiS 320 Alpha trim, is also made-to-order with certain dealers who have stocks offering ready delivery.


Maruti Suzuki imports the DDiS 320 1.6-litre 120PS motor from Fiat. This means the company ends up paying a royalty to the Italian manufacturer which in turn increases the cost of the DDiS 320 compared to the DDiS 200 engine (which is locally manufactured by Fiat India). As much as the company doesn't like to accept it, the S-Cross has been a slow seller and there were price revisions done to ensure that it stayed in contention. To make surethat the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross stays in the rat race with the Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster, the company resorted to offering huge discounts as well. Recently, the company started offering gift cheques and offers to the first lot of S-Cross DDiS 320 customers.

After the introduction of the Maruti Vitara Brezza, customers have been flocking to the regular dealerships to book the SUV. This has further pushedthe S-Cross to the corneras buyers prefer the more SUV-ish stance of the Brezza and not to mention, lower price tag and same set of features. It though remains to be seen if Maruti Suzuki update the S-Cross or just discontinue the model altogether.

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