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McLaren announces a new Ultimate Series hypercar for 2020

Team OD  | Updated: August 27, 2019, 09:50 AM IST

McLaren automotive seems to be on a quest for fast-car domination. Right on the back of showing its first full-fledged GT car, the Woking outfit announced that it is building a new Ultimate Series hypercar that will debut in late 2020. The Ultimate Series conits of the brand's quickest, most focused cars and currently includes the Speedtail and the Senna.

The new hypercar will be an open-top, two-seater roadster and will be priced between the two present cars. The Senna currently costs Rs 6.6 crore while the Speedtail come in at Rs 18.5 crore in the UK.

Unlike the Senna, this is being positioned as more for the road than the track. As with all Mclarens, notable attributes will be the carbon fibre construction, dihedral doors paired with high aerodynamic efficiency. The design will be along classic roadster lines. More highlights are that this will be the lightest Mclaren yet and be powered by a version of the 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 from the Senna, where it makes 800PS and 800 Nm.

If this wasn't enough to make a statement, only 399 units will be built.

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