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Mercedes buyers are spoilt for choice, thanks to the CLA sedan

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23 Jan 2015 15:27:36 IST

Mercedes has just announced prices for the new CLA sedan. While it was earlier thought to fall well within the sub-30 lakh bracket, the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with its starting trim pricedat Rs 31.5 lakh, fallsjust above the B-Class (Rs 30.49 lakh) and costs three lakh more than the A-Class. The top-end model, in the meanwhile, comes in at Rs 35.90 lakh. At this price point, the CLA-Class is agonisingly close to the all-new C-Classat Rs 40.90 lakh, which again is a more spacious and luxurious vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz CLA (7)

Mercedes-Benz India seem to have modelled their strategy on the lines of Maruti Suzuki. India's top-selling carmaker has an automobile available at every price point, with top-end and base trims of adjacently positioned models falling within the same price segments. So someone headed to the showroom to pick up the top-end CLA can perhaps go for the bigger C by shelling in a few more lakhs.

Now at the other end of the spectrum is the new GLA 200 CDI Sport at just a lakh more than top-end CLA variant. Add to that the fact that India has a soft spot for SUVs, especially from a hallowed brand like Mercedes. And then the persuasive Mercedes sales pitch will have prospective CLA customers upgrading to the GLA in no time. Looks like a roller coaster ride for both Mercedes-Benz as well as its customers then.

Price comparison of Mercedes-Benz models

Mercedes-Benz models A 180 Sports
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 26.53 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models A 180 CDI Style
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 26.19 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models B 180 Sports
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 28.84 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models B 180 CDI
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 27.72 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models C 200
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 40.90 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models GLA 200 CDI Style
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) 32.75 lakh
Mercedes-Benz models CLA 200 CDI Sport
Price, ex-Delhi (Rs) Rs 35.9 lakh

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