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Mini showcases the Vision Next 100 concept

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17 Jun 2016 21:57:16 IST

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the BMW Group, its subsidiaries Rolls Royce and Mini have unveiled the 103EX and the Vision Next 100 Concept, a taste of how vehicles of these brands will look in the next century. Both these vehicles are focused on autonomous driving with the Rolls Royce not even getting a place for a driver.

Mini Vision Next 100 concept_1

The Mini is focussed on the idea of shared exclusivity which simply means that in a sharing environment a car would mean different to different users. That aside the overall styling of the car is quite futuristic with the whole exterior being used as a canvas that changes according to setting. To further the point Ian Robertson, member of the board of management, BMW AG, sales and marketing, explained that BMW already has the technology to use a car's external sensors to positively ID the owner. The car could then re-skin itself on the fly, for instance between autonomous loans (where the Mini drops off one borrower and then drives itself to another loan).

Mini Vision Next 100 concept

The concept gets an elongated windscreen on the front with round headlamps. At the rear it gets a single horizontal bar for the tail lamp cluster accompanied with a spoiler. On the insides in gets a two pedal assembly and display of information relies on augmented reality on a series of high definition monitors.

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