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Mitsubishi Motors crosses the 50 lakh cars produced milestone

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23 Dec 2014 14:11:29 IST

This year, the European market witnessed an increase in demand for the Outlander PHEV, making it one of the higher selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the region. This has clearly impacted Mitsubishi's recorded sale of 18,644 units from January to November 2014. Moreover, the company's Okazakiplant recently celebrated the production of 50 lakh vehicles since 1977.

To commemorate the milestone, Tetsuro Aikawa, president and COO, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation formally gave away the Outlander PHEV 4WD to Yasuhiro Uchida, mayor of Okazaki city for use as an emergency vehicle in the event of a city-wide calamity.

Mitsubishi landmark

Mitsubishi Motors Corporations' Okazaki plant is located near Nagoya in Japan, next to MMC's global R&D centre. The 4.25 lakh sqm plant is one of the company's three production bases in Japan with close to 1,600 employees. The facility is used to build the Outlander, the Outlander PHEV and the ASX. During 2013, the plant produced 1.74 lakh vehicles.


For Mitsubishi Motors Corporations (MMC) Okazaki plant near Nagoya (Japan), the success of Outlander PHEV in Europe (18,644 sold units January to November 2014, making it the best-selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the region) took another dimension as the plant celebrated its 5 millionth vehicle produced since 1977 A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Tetsuro Aikawa (MMC's President & COO) formally presented this milestone Outlander PHEV to Yasuhiro Uchida(Mayor of Okazaki City), to be used as a self-sufficient, EV-based, 4WD emergency vehicle in case of a natural disaster. Located next to MMC's global R&D centre, the 425,000 sqm Okazaki plant is one of the three Mitsubishi Motors vehicle production bases in Japan with nearly 1,600 staff building Outlander, Outlander PHEV and ASX. During FY13, Okazaki produced 174,000 vehicles.

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