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MMSC reaffirms status as sole promoter of the National Racing Championship

Team OD  | Published: June 06, 2014, 08:30 AM IST

The Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) has come out with a declaration to trash reports erroneously stating that some of the events in the National Racing Championship have been granted to other promoters. The Club has reaffirmed its position as the sole owner of the rights to the National Racing Championship, bestowed on it by the FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India). MMSC has been exclusively granted National Championship rights for events involving cars as well as bikes up till 2015. Also, the FMSCI has decided that only one National Championship will be held till 2015. The bidding process will be open only for the 2016 session.

Honda race training school held at MMSC

Further, the MMSC also clarified that it continues to enjoy healthy relations with sponsors MRF and that the rumours of them pulling out are unfounded. Regarding the LGB4, the Club confirmed that there were eight drivers on the grid in 2013, as opposed to the four drivers stated incorrectly in certain news reports.

Reports of an alleged meeting of the FMSCI, held to award parallel National Championship rights have also been declared untrue.

MMSC has been at the helm of motorsports events for more than a few decades. It owns the Madras Motorsport Race Track (MMRT) which is located in Irungattukottai, Sriperumbudur, Chennai. One of India's oldest motorsport club, it has also organised the Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship.


MMSC REAFFIRMS ITS POSITION AS THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS HOLDER OF THE FMSCI NATIONAL RACING CHAMPIONSHIP June 04, 2014: The Madras Motor Sport Club (MMSC), one of the oldest motorsport clubs in India and co-founding member of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, today reaffirmed its position as sole promoter of the National Racing Championship. Amid reports that the some classes of the National Racing Championship have been granted to another promoter, the MMSC wishes to confirm that they have been exclusively granted the National Racing Championship rights for three years 2013, 2014, 2015. The MMSC would like to clarify the below listed points: MMSC has been conducting the National Championship for 18 years & has been conducting racing events with a qualified & experienced team since 1953. After due deliberation by the FMSCI Council in 2012, the MMSC was awarded the National Championship status for the Cars & Bikes for a 3 year period 2013-2015 vide council resolution passed unanimously after evaluation of the bids received. MMSC successfully ran the 2013 National Championship with 8 Formula LGB4 cars on the grid unlike 4 cars as stated in a recent news report. Every race result of 2013 is available with the federation. There can only be one National Championship till the year 2015 as per FMSCI's own dictate. The FMSCI circulated an email seeking opinions to give national recognition to other events eg. National Series, Cup, Challenge or Trophy. The MMSC did not object to this. The rights of the National Championship for 3 years are with MMSC which is one of the founding member club of the FMSCI. MRF is a sponsor of the MMSC conducted National Racing Championship & MRF FF1600 is a National Championship class. Our relations are strong with MRF & there is no communiqué from MRF about pulling out of their sponsorship agreement with MMSC unlike stated in segments of the media. MMSC observes from various newspapers that a decision to award parallel national championship rights was taken pursuant to a council meeting of the FMSCI. MMSC as a council member wish to unequivocally state that, such a meeting never took place & MMSC will take all steps to protect its rights. The MMSC does understand that the bidding process for status of National Racing Championship will be open once again for the 2016 season. About MMSC Madras Motor Sports Club, founded in 1952, is one of the oldest motorsports club in India & have been pioneers in conducting motorsports events in India for decades. MMSC hosts more than 14 racing events both cars & bikes, and equal number of TSD rallies in the city. MMSC owns and operates the Madras Motor Race Track Irungattukottai, Sriperumbudur, Chennai, India. MMSC has been the promoter for the National Racing Championship for both 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers for decades. It has constantly maintained the highest standards in organising motor sport at local, national & international levels including the recently conducted Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship. The MMSC is committed to the growth & development of the sport.


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