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More than 10 million bikes sold by Bajaj based on the DTS-I platform

Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:16 PM IST

Bajaj's patented Digital Twin Spark Ignition or DTS-i technology as it is usually called has so far sold more than 10 million bikes .This technology was first introduced by the company in 2003 on its Pulsar range of motorcycles and subsequently other models in its portfolio like Discover also were incorporated into the DTS-i scheme of things.

DTS-i engines basically use two spark plugs as opposed to single units in most of the other two wheelers. A faster and more efficient combustion is provided in the process by the twin spark plugs, thus raising the power and fuel efficiency.

Here is the press release:

Bajaj Auto today achieved a landmark sale of 10 million units of motorcycles based on its patented DTS-i - 'Digital Twin Spark Ignition engine technology. This revolutionary technology was first introduced by the company on its Pulsar brand in 2003 and was later incorporated in the Discover portfolio. DTS-i engines incorporate two spark plugs as against the single spark plug in other two wheelers. A single spark plug engine provides a spark at only one end of the combustion chamber while the DTS-i engine provides two - one each at either end of the chamber, resulting in faster and more efficient combustion with almost no wastage of precious fuel. The end result is superior performance without any compromise on mileage. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. K. Srinivas, President Motorcycle Business, said, "We started using the DTSi technology on the Pulsar and eventually used it in all the Discover models. This technology has contributed substantially to our leadership in the Sports segment and also in creating a differentiated offering in the commuter segment. At a time when fuel prices are sky rocketing our DTS-i technology has proved extremely beneficial to our customers" The advent of this technology has changed the face the of the two wheeler industry in the country.


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