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Motorcycle Travelers Meet in Mumbai from June 21 - 22

Team OD  | Updated: June 06, 2014, 02:44 PM IST

Pre-monsoon showers have already hit Mumbai making it a perfect time for those quick getaways on your bike. Luckily, MTM(Motorcycle Travelers Meet) is organising an event where you can also get some advice and meet riders with the same bent of mind.

MTM has previously organised similar events in Bangalore and its Mumbai leg (June 21-22) is being held at a campsite, 60 km away from the city, titillatingly named the Adventure 1 Zone. The range of events include a workshop on riding skills, panel discussions and screening of some interesting documentaries. Plus, there is an interesting session for you if a trip to Ladakh is in your bucket list. While the main event would be held on the 22nd, there are some special activities slotted for people planning to stay overnight. Some of them are - a session by a riding group on reducing harm to nature while riding and a deeper insight into the Ladakh session. Furthermore, you can interact with the riders much more easily if you get there early. Accommodation arrangements are available for 60-80 participants only.

MTMMTM has previously organised similar events in Bangalore

The Mumbai event is a small scale version of the annual event which was held in Bangalore and had 17 speakers and four workshops. It was held this April over a duration of three days.  The Mumbai event is the first among the mini-events that are being held to increase the spread of MTM. Next in line are Shimla and Kolkatta. The next year's annual event would probably be held in Bangalore itself but they plan to take it to other cities few years down the line.

The registration fee for a single day program(June 22) is Rs 1500, while a two day pass costs Rs 3000. You can visit the website to know more details that could help you to convince your friends/family as to why this is better than spending the weekend sipping tea with your friendly neighbourhood auntie.

The online registrations are open now at


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