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Mumbai based biker covers 35 countries in 9 months

Team OD  | Updated: March 28, 2018, 06:02 PM IST

Debassish Ghosh, a motorcyclist based out of Mumbai, has become the first rider starting out from India to cross 5 continents and 35 countries before making his way back here. Debassish , along with his riding partner, Dharmendra Jain, covered close to 68,000 km over the course of 9 months. Their route took them through the North-Eastern part of India and then to Myanmar, South East Asia, South China, Mongolia and Russia. The European leg of Debassish's trip began from Estonia, before heading to Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. They then passed through the USA before crossing the ocean to Australia. From there they retraced their way through South East Asia and Myanmar before reaching India.

This trip had been the brainchild of Debassish and Dharmendra's One World One Ride. This venture was hoping this trip would explore the lands, people, dogmas, beliefs, foods, customs, weathers, and traditions. They hoped the ride would seek human perspectives of different nationalities and discover ways to overcome language barriers and arrive at universal truths shared the world over.

Debassish said that this long journey across continents helped them to discover and learn new customs, traditions, weather conditions and other aspects of life abroad. It also helped them to understand more about cultural diversities and to overcome language barriers. And during the journey, the two attempted to promote India as a peace-loving country with multi-lingual, multi-cultural peoples, glorious traditions and a rich heritage.

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